Ultrasound has proven to be an effective diagnostic tool for a variety of medical, surgical, vascular, musculo-skeletal/ sports medicine, trauma/ road accident cases and in obstetric/ gynecological conditions.

Burhani Hospital whole body color doppler ultrasound departments is equipped with 5 color doppler state of art machines, with 12 probes of different frequencies (Echocardiography. Vascular doppler examination larynx, B-Scan Eye, Thyroid, Breast, Lung (Pneumo-thorax &  Pulmonary edema), Rheumatological disease, Infant Brain, Pyloric stenosis and Congenital Dislocation of hip joint).

We have Special Hockey shaped high frequency probe which may be available at very few territory care Hospital.

The Department has honor of highly experienced Doctors, one of them has more than 35years of experience in the field of sonography who scanned more than 500,000 cases and enjoying high reputation in the field of Sonography.

In experiences hand, the Ultrasound provides very quick and accurate diagnosis which leads to proper medical. surgical management.

We also meet highest international standards in our reporting system with high quality of properly labeled ultrasound films.

Our whole-body color doppler ultrasound is located very near to the Hospital Emergency department so that in case o acute conditions FOCUS point of care ultrasound and E-FAST (Extended Focused Assessment) Sonography in Trauma can easily be performed at our doorstep. In addition, Portable Ultrasound facility is also available wherever the patient is located.

In addition to routine abdominal / pelvic & Gynecological / Obstetrical examination, we also offer following facilities:

  • Procedure such as FNAC, Trucut Biopsies and Drainages (Pleural, ascitic tap and abscess drainage)
  • Trans-vaginal and Trans-rectal ultrasound
  • B-Scan of Eye and Orbit
  • Small Part Ultrasound (Parotid Glands, Larynx, Breasts and testes).
  • Echoencephalo- sonography in neonates, congenital dislocation of Hip joint, hypertrophied pyloric stenosis.
  • Echocardiography and carotid, vertebral, peripheral vascular doppler
  • Musculo-skeletal ultrasound of Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot and for Rheumatological diseases and for Sports related joint injuries.