Burhani Hospital has a network of innovative and comprehensive pharmacies in Pakistan which are trusted for delivering high quality and genuine medicines which are stored in temperature-controlled settings. We have a team of highly qualified pharmacists who are skilled and knowledgeable about the medicines we dispense. Our pharmacists take great pride in guiding our patients about right usage of medicines, which involves proper counseling to ensure that our patients receive maximum benefits from their medication. Our pharmacies are accessible to patients visiting the hospital clinics and  Medical Centers ​, as well as patients admitted at the hospital (inpatients). Our inpatient pharmacy service is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order to avoid any kind of medication errors and to make our distribution process more efficient, we have situated our pharmacies within hospital floors and wards. For efficiency and effectiveness, we have initiated a number of different practices such as our computerized physician order entry system (CPOE) and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to ensure medications delivered to our patients in the hospital wards are safe, correct and are of the right dosage.

We have 3 outlets and a bulk store:

1. Central Pharmacy located at ground floor 24/7
2. Basement Pharmacy located at basement floor
3. OT Pharmacy located at 5 th Floor which contains all medication that fulfil the requirement of OT and all admitted patients.