Brief History

Burhani Hospital was initially established as dispensary in 1913, for treatment of Influenza which had spread in Karachi as an epidemic. The dispensary was later upgraded as Marvi Maternity Home. In 1978 His Holiness Dr. Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin (RA) converted the facilities to a full-fledged general hospital to be managed by Burhani Medical Board.

Under the guidance of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Muhammed Burhanuddin (RA), care is provided to all in-need, without out discrimination of cast, creed or religion. The hospital offers medical consultancy in all major medical fields. Maternity, Paeds and Orthopedics are especially strong areas. Burhani Hospital is the best hospital in Karachi providing quality health care to the ibadullah in best possible way at less than market rates.

The hospital is equipped with modern and state of the art facilities; and strives to render the best health services to ibadullah. Some of the city’s best and renowned doctors practice at Burhani hospital, both as full time and visiting specialist.

Based on quality health care provision and transparent management records, Burhani hospital was awarded Not for Profit Organization status in 2007, by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy, entitling the hospital from Government taxes exemptions including import duties, sales tax and income tax. In 2006 a major expansion program was launched under the guidance of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin (RA). Alhamdulliah the phase 1 of the hospital expansion project is completed and is operational from March 2010.

Burhani Hospital has 108 indoor beds and provides services to around 6000 in-patients and around 80,000 out-patients annually with the help of dedicated professional staff and state of art modern equipment. All indoor patients have accessibility through highly modern nurse call system. The Hospital houses 4 state of art Operation Rooms, which are available round the clock and are capable of all types of surgeries. The hospital has 8 bed ultra-modern Intensive Care Unit, fully equipped with Ventilators, Central Monitoring Station and Individual Multi-parameter monitors and other critical care equipment. The Hospital also has 6 advanced incubators based Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with all supportive elements including ventilators and ABG Analyzer.

Burhani Hospital has rounded the clock Radiology Departments and Laboratory which is equipped with latest machines to undertake various pathological and radiological tests in most sterilized environments. Whole Body Color Doppler and Easote Biomedical Color Doppler Scanner with phased array and high frequency probes cater for all needs in Ultrasound Department.

The hospital has its own power generation capacity of more than 1 Megawatts with diesel reserve tank of 6000 liters sufficient for 10 days fuel requirements. The whole hospital is supplied pure sterilized water through 20 thousand Gallons per Day. The hospital has elaborate security system with round the clock monitoring through 50 CCTV Camera supported by Central Public Address System and advance firefighting mechanism.

On completion of Phase I, Phase II of the Burhani Hospital Expansion Project has been initiated planned to be completed Insha’Allah by end of 2010. In Phase II, State of Art Out Patients Department and round the clock Diagnostic Laboratory and Radiological Facilities, Pharmacy and Emergency Department will be upgraded with latest equipment’s and technology with similar look as of In-patient facilities developed in Phase 1.

The extended new look of the hospital has been very well received by our patients which is evident by tremendous increase in patient flow, admission rate, number of surgeries, deliveries etc. resulting in increased laboratory and pharmacy services as well.

The Hospital is performing major surgeries especially in the fields of Orthopedics (Knee and Hip Replacements), General Surgeries (Whipple Procedures, Splenectomy), Endoscopic/ Laparoscopic Surgeries (Lapachols, Ureteroscopic (URS) Surgeries, Arthroscopies etc.) and Gynecology/ Obstetrician Services.