Board of Trustees

Burhani Hospital Trust appointed by His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) is responsible for management of the Hospital and to provide guidelines and policies for khidmat of patients in accordance with Directive of Daai’ al Mutalaq. The present Board of Trustees appointed in February 2014 comprises of

S.No Name of Trustees Office Held
1 Janab Mustansir Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Chairman
2 Janab Juzer Bhaisaheb Zakavi Vice Chairman
3 Sheikh Farazdak Bhai Millwala Executive Trustee
4 Shoeb Bhai Rawalpindiwala Secretary
5 Sheikh Noman Bhai Khairullah Treasurer
6 Abdulhusain Abbas Bhai Basrai Joint Secretary
7 Yousuf Bhai Sheikh Qamaruddin Rassawala Joint Secretary
8 Sheikh Mustafa Bhai Abbas Giyani Trustee
9 Sheikh Saifuddin Sh. Nooruddin Zoomkawala Trustee
10 Sheikh Fakhruddin Asgerali Jamnagarwala Trustee
11 Dr. Yousuf Bhai Mansoor Lakdawala Trustee
12 Shoeb Bhai Anwar Bhai Rawalpindiwala Trustee
13 Aliasger Bhai Akbarali Hasani Trustee
14 Aliasger bhai Shaikh Amirali Hariyanawala Trustee