Chest Medicine

The department of pulmonary medicine at Burhani Hospital established years ago has long served the patients from all over Pakistan. It provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with illness that affect the lungs and breathing.

Physicians provide care for a range of common and rare respiratory conditions including Pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis, Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, chronic obstructive lung diseases, Asthma, Interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease including pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders, acute and chronic respiratory failure and various lung infections.

Non-invasive ventilators (BiPAP) facilities are also available.

Ancillary Services

– Pulmonary function testing.
– Transthoracic needle aspirations.
– Pleural biopsies.
– Chest tube insertions and pleuroesis

Chest Specialists