Blood in the urine – Symptoms and causes

Urine infections are easy to suspect as these can be identified by burning sensation and pain during the passage through the urinary tract. In such cases the urine is tested to get a clear idea of what is wrong with the body. Blood in urine, also called hematuria is a serious condition that can indicate a lot of problems that are occurring inside the body. In this blog I will tell you what are the symptoms and causes of blood in urine.


Blood in urine can indicate serious medical conditions and should never be ignored. If you are getting blood in your urine you should immediately contact your doctor so you can get professional help. Even a one time appearance of blood in urine can develop into serious medical problems if left untreated. Blood in urine on hemtureia can be of two types:

Gross hematuria:  If the blood can be seen in urine then you have gross hematuria. If your urine is appearing pinkish or dark in colour or you can see clots in your urine then you should immediately seek medical help.

Microscopic hematuria:  Microscopic hematuria cannot be identified by the naked eye. It is a small presence of blood in urine and can only be identified under a microscope. If you feel a burning sensation or pain, visit your doctor. He will conduct medical tests and will advise accordingly.

Causes of blood in urine

Your body might be allowing blood to leak into the urine because of several factors. Your internal organs might be damaged or it can occur because of the previous diseases that you had. Following are some of the factors that can cause blood in urine:


Infection is the most common cause of hematuria. There can be an infection in the kidneys, bladder or urinary tract which may cause hematuria. Adults can feel pain and burning sensation when passing urine and you may feel the continuous urge of urinating after every little while.

Kidney and bladder stones:

Kidney and bladder stones can also cause gross or microscopic hematuria. The mineral in our urine can form crystals on the inside walls of our kidney and bladder which with time turn into hard small stones. At first these stones cannot be identified as they don’t poke the internal walls but when extreme, they can cause blockage in the passage of urine. This can result in excruciating pain and blood in urine on which you are inspected and stones are removed through surgery or medicines.

Kidney disease:

Kidney diseases can also result in microscopic hematuria. Any infection of disease in the kidney can cause occurance of blood in the urine. Sometimes the small blood vessels which help in filtering the urine in kidneys are infected due to which you get blood in your urine.

Kidney and bladder cancer:

Cancer is also one of the causes of blood in urine. Kidney and bladder cancer can cause pain and bleeding through the urinary tract. If you already have cancer it might be getting worse if you are getting blood in your urine. In case of cancer there is blood only in the severe cases of cancer when that is past easy treatment.


If you are on medications that can thin your blood or are given to diabetic patients for example penicillin, these can also cause blood in your urine. In such cases contact your doctor for advice.

Blood in urine treatment

Blood in urine treatment varies according to the type of internal problem you are going through. The doctor will first diagnose the problem considering your medical history and after a proper checkup you will be treated accordingly. In case of urinary tract infection you will be given antibiotics. In case of stones you may undergo surgery or lithotripsy and might be given medication for breaking of stones. In cases of cancer you will be provided with cancer treatment.

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