The urinary system and the reproductive tracts are linked closely hence when one happens to meet a disorder the other is affected as well but no worries because there is an entire branch of science that deals with the urinary system. The field of medicine is vast and one of the branches extends to urology and urologists

  • What is Urology? 

Urology concerns surgical and medical diseases of the urinary-tract system and the reproductive organs. The domain of urological organs include kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the male reproductive organs as well. Urology is a combination management of medical or non-surgical conditions and surgical conditions.

  • What does a Urologist do?

An urologist is a highly trained professional specialized in diagnosing and treating the urological conditions affecting both men and women. Urologists are experts in treating a wide range of urological issues that include problems with the bladder, kidneys or urethra and also issues concerning a male’s reproductive organs. Urologists perform surgeries regarding urological issues as well.

Urologists in Karachi work in a variety of settings that include hospitals, privately owned clinics, and urology centers.

  • When do you need to visit the best urologist in Karachi-7 pointers:

Urologists treat a wide range of urological issues. If you experience any of these urological issues then you know it is time to consult an urologist in Karachi:

  1. You have trouble with bladder control.
  2. You feel pain or difficulty while urinating.
  3. You see blood in your urine.
  4. You experience weak urine flow.
  5. You feel the need to urinate frequently.
  6. You feel pain in your lower stomach or much lower region (for males).
  7. You want to get tested for male infertility.
  • Where can you find the best urologist in Karachi?

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